Some Thoughts About Our Outdoor Billboard Course

Here’s a note we received recently, from someone who had taken our outdoor billboard course:

I would never be where I am today without your mentorship. Building the billboard business has given me the flexibility to have a better life. Thank you again for everything!”

-Steve B.

So how can an investing course on outdoor billboards actually change your life?

It all started in Dallas, Texas from a coffee table

Frank Rolfe was straight out of college and trying to start a business. He chose billboards because it sounded interesting, yet he knew nothing about it. So he figured it out by working seven days a week and experimenting with every part of the concept. He was more than prolific, building that dream into the largest privately-owned billboard company in Dallas/Ft. Worth. 14 years after starting he had around 300 billboards. About half of them he built from scratch and the other half he bought cheap during economic downturns. And he rented all 300 ad faces himself by perfecting how to have extremely high rates of renewal – averaging around 80% even during periodic recessions.

And ended in a sale to a public company

He then sold these billboards to a giant public company. These signs are now part of the Clear Channel portfolio in Dallas/Ft. Worth. It garnered $5.8 million, and was one of the largest billboard transactions that year. He also sold another billboard company he had bought and turned around in Los Angeles, California.

All the steps were carefully documented

Upon the sale of his billboard company, he sat down and carefully documented every step of the process he had developed and perfected, so that others could do the same thing. He thought that failing to write it all down would be an incredible waste of 14 years of research and action. He eventually compiled all of this into the Billboard Investing Home Study Course. It includes how to identify, evaluate, negotiate, build or buy, rent and advertising space and operate billboards of all shapes and sizes in both urban and rural markets.

And a science was built around successful billboard investing

There has never been a course on billboard investing until Frank wrote this one. And nobody else has ever written one since. Maybe it’s because nobody can offer the gigantic volume of material that the course represents or the track record that he produced with this information. But it’s also probably because many billboard industry veterans look on it as a type of “magic” that nobody is ever supposed to reveal. Frank received threats from the industry when he brought the course out – people did not like this information being made public.

Here’s what it can do to your quality of life

Every billboard you build or buy creates a lengthy income stream – typically 20 years to infinity. As you stack these income streams on top of each other, you can create substantial residual income. If you focus on wooden signs, you can probably make around $3,000 per unit. If you have just ten that would yield $30,000 per year – that might allow you spouse to stop working or fuel the ability to buy that car/vacation/house you’ve been wanting. And if you had 30 of these it’s around $100,000 per year. Steel monopole signs, unbelievably, can make even more.

And you have virtually no risk in getting started

One great aspect of billboard investing is that it does not cost much to get started. It is not a capital intensive business, and you don’t have to go out and buy a bunch of stuff to put it into action. What you need to be successful basically boils down to one item: knowledge. And that’s exactly what the Billboard Investing Home Study Course provides you. Real factual information that you can put to use quickly and effectively. Just like Steve did.


If you want to learn more about the Billboard Investing Home Study Course, click this link to read about what it includes, as well as more testimonials and items of interest. It might change your life, too. For more information click here!

Frank Rolfe started his billboard company off of his coffee table, immediately after graduating from college. Although he had no formal training on the industry, he learned as he went, and developed his own unique systems to accomplish things, such as renting advertising space. Frank was formerly the largest private owner of billboards in Dallas/Ft. Worth, as well as a major player in the Los Angeles market.