The Billboard Mastery Podcast

Welcome to the Billboard Mastery Podcast, where you will learn the correct way to identify, evaluate, negotiate, perform diligence on, select the construction type, build, rent the ad space and operate billboard signs. And now here is your host – the guy that built from scratch the largest privately-owned billboard company in Dallas/Ft. Worth – Frank Rolfe.

Episode 99: Why All Good Leases Have No Official End Date
Episode 98: Out-of-home Is More Than Just Highway Signs
Episode 97: All About Typestyles
Episode 96: Revisiting Combo Signs
Episode 95: How To Be Inclusive In Negotiating With The Property Owner
Episode 94: The Science Of Fixing Obstructions
Episode 93: Making Billboards Blend In With Their Environment
Episode 92: Why Signs Aren’t On Roofs Anymore
Episode 91: How Small Is Too Small?
Episode 90: How To Improve Your Expression Of Numbers
Episode 89: All About Saving Gas
Episode 88: Forging The Correct Advertising Lease Length
Episode 87: All About Renting Non-lighted Signs
Episode 86: The Joy Of Cigar Butts
Episode 85: How To Find A Wooden Sign Contractor
Episode 84: The Whole Industry In One Simple Formula
Episode 83: How To Rent Any Billboard In Five Easy Steps
Episode 82: Motivating The Landowner Who Thinks Money Doesn’t Matter
Episode 81: Think Like Elvis
Episode 80: Nobody Ever Went Broke Taking A Profit
Episode 79: Keeping A Leash On Your Attorney
Episode 78: Understanding CPM
Episode 77: What To Do When An Advertiser Won’t Pay You
Episode 76: Helping Advertisers Get Creative
Episode 75: How The Death Of Radio Will Help Billboard Investments Immensely
Episode 74: The Beauty Of Being Federally Regulated – And Hated
Episode 73: Fixed Vs. Percentage Ground Rent
Episode 72: Taking Action Responsibly
Episode 71: The Best Deals I Ever Did
Episode 70: Signs And Storms
Episode 69: The Risk/Reward Matrix
Episode 68: Everything Old Is New Again
Episode 67: Harnessing Your Audie Murphy Moment
Episode 66: Tips On Drawing Exhibits
Episode 65: The Dangers of Timing Out
Episode 64: Why I Drop A Dime Down Every Foundation Hole
Episode 63: The Wisdom And/Or Stupidity of Taking Big Risks
Episode 62: Reducing The Size of A Sign
Episode 61: Dealing with Obstructions
Episode 60: Don’t Let Anyone Tell You “It’s Not Enough Money”
Episode 59: The Art Of Pre-Leasing Signs
Episode 58: What Happens At The End Of The Lease?
Episode 57: What Should Be Your Sign’s Corporate Uniform?
Episode 56: When There Are No Poles At All
Episode 55: Making Money The Walmart Way
Episode 54: When A Landowner Goes Bankrupt
Episode 53: All About Length of Lease
Episode 52: Taking The Terror Out of Drilling Holes
Episode 51: Filling A Need
Episode 50: A Primer on Recording Leases
Episode 49: Billboard Lease Trivia - Part 2
Episode 48: Billboard Lease Trivia - Part I
Episode 47: Understanding Risk
Episode 46: My Favorite Ways To Rent A Billboard
Episode 45: Nightly Planning Yields Big Results
Episode 44: Don’t Forget Access
Episode 43: Don’t Let Anyone Stand In Your Way
Episode 42: Carving An Old-Fashioned Niche In A Technology World
Episode 41: Closing Deals
Episode 40: Making Money Simply Through A Better Use Of Space
Episode 39: Things To Watch Out For With Old Signs
Episode 38: Notes On Preparing For High Winds
Episode 37: Bootstrap Borrowing
Episode 36: Tips On Longevity
Episode 35: Don’t Be Afraid To Be Different
Episode 34: Opportunity All Around And Nobody Notices
Episode 33: The Timeless Power of Old-Fashioned Co-op Programs
Episode 32: Why Strong Things Grow Slowly
Episode 31: How Low Can You Go?
Episode 30: The Right – And Wrong – Way To Collect Sign Rent
Episode 29: Reinforcement After The Sale
Episode 28: What To Do When Everybody Wants Your Sign
Episode 27: Working From The Outside In
Episode 26: Is There A Better Use of Your Time?
Episode 25: The Exact Moment I Got Serious About My Future
Episode 24: Harnessing The Power of Rural Roads
Episode 23: Noticing Poles
Episode 22: Albert Einstein Was Right
Episode 21: Should You Ask For Forgiveness Or Permission?
Episode 20: Rules of Thumb When Buying An Existing Sign
Episode 19: Why Digital Is Not The Answer
Episode 18: Finding The Capital To Build Or Buy Billboards
Episode 17: Permits, Permits, Permits
Episode 16: Tips On Sign Construction Materials
Episode 15: The Beauty of Not Providing Content
Episode 14: Anything Is Possible With Scale
Episode 13: When An Advertisement Becomes A Liability
Episode 12: Natural Advertisers
Episode 11: Ground Leases
Episode 10: Understanding Visibility
Episode 9: Drilling And Hitting Things That Are Not Oil (But Sometimes Are)
Episode 8: Hiring Yourself and Keeping From Getting Fired
Episode 7: Permanent Easements From A to Z
Episode 6: Looking Big When You’re Small
Episode 5: David And Goliath
Episode 4: Billboard Frankenstein
Episode 3: How Billboard Economics Works
Episode 2: The Billboard Menu
Episode 1: Why Invest In Billboards?