The September 2022 Outdoor Billboard Investing Newsletter

How I Made $20,000 Per Year On A $5,000 Billboard Investment

One of my favorite billboard case studies was the sign I purchased and brought back to life on Highway 75 near Plano, Texas. It’s a perfect example of what smart billboard deals look like and there are similar opportunities like this still available across America if you seek them out.

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Billboard Mastery Podcast: Episode 56 - When There Are No Poles At All

Some billboards are on wooden poles and some are on steel. But some have no poles at all. In this Billboard Mastery podcast we’re going to discuss mounting billboards to buildings or other structures as an alternative to using wooden or steel poles for support.

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Billboard Mastery Podcast: Episode 55 - Making Money The Walmart Way

Sam Walton had some definite fundamental principles on making money, and some of those apply to the billboard business. In this Billboard Mastery podcast we’re going to discuss how some of Walton’s thoughts on building Walmart are true for building your billboard portfolio, too.

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