The October 2022 Outdoor Billboard Investing Newsletter

Billboard Mastery Podcast: Episode 59 - The Art Of Pre-Leasing Signs

When you build a billboard you naturally have to rent the ad space out – but you don’t always have to wait until the sign is constructed. In this Billboard Mastery podcast we’re going to discuss the concept of pre-leasing this advertising space prior to construction. It’s a whole lot easier to get a loan and reduce your stress when you already have a paying customer in your back pocket.

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How Tall Should You Build A Billboard?

One of the key attributes to any billboard is how high it is up in the air. Next to size, that’s one of the biggest decision that a billboard owner must make. So how do you decide how tall to build a sign? Here are the items to consider.

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Billboard Mastery Podcast: Episode 58 - What Happens At The End Of The Lease?

The goal in owning a billboard is to have the income stream go on forever. So what do you do to help make that possible when the lease comes to an end? In this Billboard Mastery podcast we’re going to discuss some strategies to help make your billboard go on making money forever.

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Don’t Be A Billboard Pioneer

Back in the 1920’s two bicycle repairmen named Foster and Kleiser created and tested the standard billboard sizes that we all use today. But even 100 years later, occasionally some individual tries to reinvent the wheel and brings out their own line of “custom” sign sizes, which typically proves to be disappointing. So why not be a billboard “pioneer”?

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Billboard Mastery Podcast: Episode 57 - What Should Be Your Sign’s Corporate Uniform?

Virtually every billboard company in America uses a consistent color for the structure, skirting and shield. So how do you choose these? That’s the focus of this Billboard Mastery podcast.

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