The March 2021 Outdoor Billboard Investing Newsletter

How To Rent The “Impossible” Billboard

Not all billboards are created equal and some have some really big hurdles to get over in order to find a suitable advertiser. These hurdles can include poor visibility, low traffic count, bad demographics and other features that make them less than appealing to most advertisers. However, every sign has a logical user if you think hard enough. So how do you rent the “impossible” billboard?

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Billboard Mastery Podcast: Episode 19 - Why Digital Is Not The Answer

LED “digital” billboards can serve a useful purpose – but most of the time not in the manner the buyer or builder hopes for. Sure anyone can strap an LED onto a billboard panel (assuming you can get the permit) but is that really the right decision? That’s the topic of this Billboard Mastery podcast and we’re going to review what makes LED work and what does not and how to make that decision.

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Billboard Mastery Podcast: Episode 18 - Finding The Capital To Build Or Buy Billboards

Even though they’re relatively inexpensive compared to the other sectors of real estate investment, it still takes capital to build a billboard or buy an existing one. So how do you get the money to get your dreams off the ground? In this Billboard Mastery podcast we’re going to review various ways to obtain the capital to start your billboard investing, including how these loans can be structured.

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Billboard Rents Are Elastic And You Need To Stay Prepared

One thing I learned from past recessions is that billboard revenues are extremely “elastic”. They can go up or down significantly based on how the economy is doing. Although there is typically a renter for every sign, what they will pay is all over the map and is derived from a number of factors. So what do you need to know about billboard elasticity and how to plan around it?

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