The February 2023 Outdoor Billboard Investing Newsletter

Billboard Blueprint: Your Guide to Funding Your Next Big Idea

Finding the funding to construct a billboard can be a challenge, but there are several options available. Here's an overview of some of the common options for billboard financing:

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Billboard Mastery Podcast: Episode 67 - Harnessing Your Audie Murphy Moment

Everyone has that moment in which they get fed up. Some people put that mood into action. Audie Murphy was the most decorated soldier in U.S. history and his secret weapon was harnessing his frustration into positive energy. In this Billboard Mastery podcast we’re going to review what this power is and how to use it to your advantage.

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Billboard Mastery Podcast: Episode 66 - Tips On Drawing Exhibits

Every billboard lease needs an attachment that shows where the billboard goes. So does every permit application. So how can you best create a winning exhibit to a lease or application – one that gets the job done and helps keep you out of trouble? That’s the focus of this Billboard Mastery Podcast.

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