Outdoor Billboard Lease Negotiation

Are you a Landowner who needs help negotiating a New or Existing Billboard Ground Lease to Maximize Your Income?

Do you want to make sure that you are getting a fair price on your Billboard Ground Rent?

Whether you are:

  • Building a billboard on your property

  • Renegotiating a billboard lease on your property

  • Managing a property where a billboard is being built

  • Just curious if you have a good deal

OBUniversity.com has just the thing you need to become educated on the whole billboard ground rent and lease negotiation process.


I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for all the billboard related information you have on the website www.OBUniversity.com and for the book you published, “Billboard Lease Negotiations.” I found this information very useful after I was contacted by a billboard company about placing a sign on my property.

My initial research began with looking for information on billboard leases that would help protect the landowner. I soon found out not much advice has been written from the landowner’s perspective. Then I thought maybe it was best to just contact an attorney to address my questions. I called around to many law offices and realized it was difficult to locate someone that specialized in billboard issues.

I was determined to educate myself before I signed the lease and it was at this point I found your website. I was amazed at all the information available. Your materials helped me to discover all of the necessary elements that need to be included in a long-term ground lease in order to protect myself, the landowner. OBUniversity.com provided a one-stop shop for everything billboard related. I especially found the articles and newsletters that you wrote to be informative, and they provided insight into how the billboard industry really operates.

When I learned that you had written a book, “Billboard Lease Negotiations,” I decided to purchase it. This book has been the best investment I have made in this entire learning process saving me thousands of dollars per year on just one suggested lease clause alone. This publication has provided me with a hands-on approach for items a billboard landowner should consider when leasing land for a sign. I would have never thought of many of the items that you highlight, yet they are critical concepts and clauses that must be considered before signing a lease.

So in the end, I took all the information I learned from you and hired an attorney to implement these concepts into the actual lease. What I ended up with was a solid document that was fair and equal, yet protected me as the landowner from several important considerations that without your assistance I would have never known to ask for. The billboard company, who admitted their lease was very one sided, seemed shocked that I uncovered as many loopholes as I did. Without your help, that would not have been possible. The bottom line is if you don’t negotiate to include certain things in the lease that may be beneficial to you as the landowner, things that you have every right to ask for, most billboard companies will not voluntarily offer the information. I have the original version of the lease that proves it.

So Frank, with all of your help and suggestions, the insider secrets to the billboard industry are now exposed. I can not agree you more than with a quote from your book that this really is, “The book your billboard company does not want you to read!”

Thanks - Gil

Dear Dave

I purchased your book by Frank Rolfe's "Billboard Lease Negotiations". My negotiations with the large Billboard Company (name withheld) took four months but finally came to fruition. The information in the book and the sage advise of Frank Rolf were integral to our success. While the outcome may not be much by some standards we are content we inked a good contract.

We will receive $750,000.00 over 20 years with a 20% increase when the south face is remodeled. That would then be $900,000.00 over twenty years. In addition we will receive our payments annually in advance. For 2 square feet of space….There was no change in the original contract and we did not make any concessions.

We also negotiated directly with the Senior Vice President of the large Outdoor Company who is responsible for real estate in North America.

If would like any additional information or lessons learned please let me know.

Regards to you and Frank
Greg C.

The new ebook from OBUniversity.com will take you through the entire process of negotiating your lease with the billboard company.

Written from the Landowner's point of view!

This is the book your billboard company does not want you to read!

Here is a sample of what is covered in this new ebook:

  • Market Dynamics and What Creates Value with Billboards

  • Where to Start in the Negotiating Process:

    • Gathering Data (rates, comps, laws, structure size, occupancy, traffic counts)

    • Understanding the Ground Rent Formula from the Billboard Company Point of View

    • Putting it all Together

  • Understanding Lease Terms and How to Protect your Interests

    • Lease Length, Sign Removal, Termination, Options, Ad Content

    • Blockage, Maintenance, Default

  • Understanding and Mitigating Risks

    • Removal of Billboards, Damage and Liability, Lighting, Noise, and other problems.

While this ebook will not be popular with the billboard companies, it fits into our goal with this website which is to be the ultimate source of information for the Outdoor Advertising Industry.  Landowners with billboards on their property are part of the billboard industry and need to be educated as does an employee of a large billboard company. 

This new ebook is available for a limited time for a price of $49.95. 

To my knowledge this is the only book of its kind and while it is just under 50 pages, the information presented will pay for itself many times over or at least give you a piece of mind that your billboard lease is reasonable.

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