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The Billboard Boot Camp teaches you everything you need to know about building and buying billboard signs. It explains the industry from A to Z, how to find opportunities and take advantage of them, how to decide what size and height to build, how to rent the advertising space effectively, and how to operate the sign profitably. And it comes with all the forms and contracts that you need to start up immediately.

It’s a 3-Dimensional Course

The Billboard Boot Camp is designed to give you the same experience that you would have in-person, without the travel cost and time away from your family. You can take the course on your own time and in the privacy of your home. The course is a combination of DVDs and printed materials, numbered and reviewed in sequence during the class. It’s just like being there live in a classroom.

The Billboard Boot Camp tells you, in detail, everything you need to start a successful billboard company, including:

  • History of the industry
  • History of the Highway Beautification Act and federal and state laws on billboards
  • How to choose a territory and determine what order to attack it in
  • How to select a company name and logo
  • How to analyze the state ordinance
  • How to analyze the city ordinances
  • How to find legal locations using a zoning map and basic measuring tricks
  • How to determine what ground rent to offer
  • How to approach the land owner
  • How to negotiate a ground lease
  • How to figure out where to place the billboard on the property
  • How to determine what size to build the billboard
  • How to determine the exact height to build the billboard
  • How to determine what type of sign structure to build (wood vs. steel)
  • How to build a billboard
  • How to rent the advertising space on a billboard
  • How to keep advertisers happy and maintain a high rate of renewal
  • How to negotiate and sign up an advertiser for a billboard
  • How to make fantastic billboard ads
  • How to print the ad on vinyl
  • How to maintain a billboard
  • How to manage a billboard company
  • Plus a special section on how to buy a billboard and how to bring an abandoned billboard back to life.

Do You Know The Three Billboard Billionaires?

Few people are aware that there are three U.S. billionaires that made their money in the billboard industry. The three are:

• John Kluge

• Artie Moreno

• Ted Turner

So how did they do it? They basically learned the business and then were relentless in growing their portfolio of billboards in both good times and bad, over several decades. Neither Kluge or Moreno started out with a dime. Turner, on the other hand, inherited the beginnings of his billboard empire from his father. All learned that you can build when times are good and buy when times are bad – so you can effectively grow your billboard company in both booms and recessions. In fact, all three made significant purchases of other billboard companies as they grew. While Ted Turner obviously diversified over time into such things as Turner Broadcasting and even a chain of steakhouses, and Kluge ended up buying such things as Steak & Ale and Bennigans, Moreno has been focused strictly on billboards his entire business career.

Can you be a billboard billionaire? While that’s a lofty goal, it’s not impossible if you work hard and have some luck. The billboard industry is a multi-billion dollar endeavor, and there is definitely suitable scale. To make it happen, however, you will have to become highly skilled at how to build and buy billboards, as well as how to rent the ad space and manage people. And you’ll have to pick fertile markets to grow in.

Of course, you don’t have to be a billionaire to be a success. But it’s interesting that this option is theoretically possible, and has been achieved three different times in the last 30 years.

Is the next one you?

How I Turned A Pile Of Metal And Wood Into $5.8 Million

In 1982 I graduated from Stanford University with a degree in Economics. There’s not much you can do with that, so I was going to go on to business school and get an MBA. But, back then, one key way to get into a great business school was to start a business and then write about your experiences on your application essay. So I decided to start a billboard company for a year, and then use that on my MBA application. After the first year, I had three billboards, but I had a bunch more pending, so I decided to go one more year and try to get to an even ten. By the end of the second year I was already over ten and heading for twenty, so I delayed applying for business school for one more year. You can guess what happened. I never went to business school, and I just kept building billboards.

Not having any actual experience when I started, I had literally no idea what I was doing. But fortunately, I had some mentors along the way, particularly some guys at Foster and Kleiser (then the largest billboard company in the U.S.) who just couldn’t stand watching all the mistakes I was making. And I mostly learned through trial and error. Back then, the competition in the industry was fierce, with over 60 billboard companies alone in Dallas (today there are less than ten). So I had to use my wits and creativity to beat the competition. Little did I know that those tricks and shortcuts would lead me to jump ahead of everyone. 14 years later, I was the largest private owner of billboards in Dallas/Ft. Worth, and sold out to Universal (now Clear Channel) for $5.8 million.

What did I learn from that experience? Certainly, I learned that there’s big money in billboards. But I also learned that there are two ways to approach every task: the smart way and the dumb way. The smart way gives you the advantage, is highly efficient, and puts the odds in your favor. The dumb way wastes a lot of time and rarely wins. By developing “smart” ways to approach the business, I was able to do some amazing things that nobody had done before, such as maintain an 80% rate of renewal, and a 100% occupancy rate for a decade straight.

The Billboard Boot Camp includes all of the “smart” theories I developed, as well as the reasoning behind them and how they work in real life. They must be “smart” as they turned a bunch of wood and metal into $5.8 million!

About The Instructor

Frank Rolfe built from scratch the largest privately-owned outdoor billboard company in Dallas/ Ft. Worth. When he sold it to a public company in 1996, he had over 300 billboards, 70% he had built himself, and the other 30% he had bought from competitors. He had developed systems to rent one billboard face every two days, a pace several times faster than the competition. In addition to this large company, he also built and sold an outdoor billboard company in Los Angeles, California, which included billboards at Universal Studios and the Asahi Beer Building on Wilshire, as well as a set of leases and permits he sold in the north Texas market.

Nobody knows the billboard business better than Frank Rolfe and, if they do, they refuse to talk about it and reveal the secrets.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“I turned the Billboard Boot Camp into over 200 billboards in Canada. Of those who have ever profited from this course, I must be #1”
Steve L,. Ontario
The Billboard Boot Camp changed my life. I now own 12 billboards and have a significant enough income stream to retire on – and I did it all in two years. Thanks Frank for making this possible.
Larry T., Phoenix

So One More Time, What Is Included?

  • The Boot Camp Exhibits Manual
  • 8 DVD's With 15 Modules
  • Our Full Home Study Course Including The 375 Page Manual & Over 10 Hours Of Audio
  • Ongoing Access Monthly Mentoring Hour Phone Call
  • Access To The Archive Of Monthly Mentoring Hours
  • Access To All The Forms & Contracts You Will Need

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